Light Up Your Vision
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Problem To Be Solved

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Who We Are

LITEON+ is a dynamic platform that fuels and supports startups steering towards innovative solutions, sustainability, and clean energy.We are driven by a passion to catalyze the transformation of unique ideas into realities, fostering startups to induce positive change in the world.

What we do

LITEON+’s X SITE, a state-of-the-art co-working space combined with a potent accelerator program, serves as a launchpad for startups to expand and refine their ideas. By connecting startups with our seasoned teams and industry experts, we foster business opportunities and drive mutual growth. Our overarching goal is to help startups flourish in a symbiotic, collaborative environment.

How we work

At LITEON+, we dive deep to understand the distinctive challenges and opportunities startups face. With regular networking events, demo days, workshops, and PoC opportunities, we bridge the gap between startups and the industry, paving the way for success.